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Made to enhance your language learning experience by practicing and conversing in Spanish or Tagalog as a family.

Check out more VIDEOS to help you practice speaking the phrases used in the dual language books for learning Spanish or learning Tagalog. 

During the 2020 Pandemic, my children's First Grade and Kindergarten Spanish Dual Language Immersion classes were abruptly moved to digital learning. As a parent with limited Spanish, I really wanted to bring more Spanish conversation into our home. I had bought several workbooks, but I couldn't find one that was specific to my goals.

I typically engage with my children by working and studying with them, so when it came to their Spanish lessons, I couldn't maintain a conversation like I would if I were doing homework in English. I decided to create DLI Parent Books as a way to help bond English-Only speaking parents with their Dual-Language students.

When I work on an activity from the book with my children, I love that they correct my pronunciation. I love that they are showing off their language skills and communicating with me.  I wanted to give parents a tool so they could engage their children in a second language. By learning together and doing things together, I feel this experience will foster a lifetime of memories.  Marie Urquidi


Mom and Kid Learn Spanish
Mom and Kid Coloring DLI Parent Book
Mexican Folk Dancers

FACT # 1

A second language can increase cross-cultural understanding and sensitvity.

FACT # 2

Knowledge of a heritage language can be an important part of identity, which creates more self-confidence.

FACT # 3

Being bilingual helps with brain function and can help keep your memory sharp with age.

Reasons to try the books

  • Designed especially for monolingual adults who want to help their children speak a new language.

  • Each activity is 1 to 3 minutes of conversing in a new language, which makes daily practice quick and easy.

  • Designed as a supplemental tool to other language learning programs and apps that make learning new and fun.

  • The scripted prompts have easy to read phonetic translations to assist new language learners with confidence.

  • Learn Spanish or learn Tagalog as a family.



Profession: Teacher
Relation to DLI Parent: Friend
Note: Used Spanish Book 2 with
her 7 year old daughter. I received
this message after their first day using
the book.

She is already naming the colors in Spanish as she colors...and she also said "learning Spanish is  fun." She wants to do the activities on a daily basis.

Profession: P.A.
Relation to DLI Parent: Relative
Note: Used Tagalog Book 1 with
her 10 year old son.

I've been wanting my boys to learn Tagalog for the last couple of years. We  had some success with Apps, but what's nice about these books is that we are learning together.


Profession: Writer

Relation to DLI Parent: Colleague

Note: Editor for upcoming

Armenian Books

I enjoyed testing the Spanish books with my children and am excited to help build the Armenian version of these books. I look forward to passing my heritage through language onto my children.



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